Database of innovative materials for the furniture sector

MIMWOOD aims to develop a SYSTEM of TECHNOLOGICAL SURVEILLANCE for innovative materials for the wood and furniture sector, which demand new skills, not only in the field of lifelong learning, forcing a constant and continuous update, but also for the teachers and students of vocational training. All users, teachers, students, co-workers need to have updated knowledge and skills on the properties and specific characteristics of innovative materials used in the wood and furniture industry, as well as aspects that allow to determine its applicability in the development of new products.

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This project aims to develop a tool that will provide structured and targeted information (on the evolution) of innovative materials at an international level. This tool will be available for students and teachers. Aspects related to the selection of materials depending on the properties, use and demand, will be treated. Both students and teachers will be stimulated to use the tool for innovative purposes and for the development of new products. For the training aspects, the focus will be more on the new materials, requiring a continuous updating and training. Together with the production sector there will be an evaluation of the system, based on their demands and point of view.

The MIMWOOD project therefore aims:

  • to facilitate the use and accessibility of this information and to elaborate an online tool that can be used in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) centres, with the aim to distribute the information, to analyse the information and to select the ideal material(s) depending of the product, the required properties and the possibilities;
  • to provide a new and innovative methodology to the VET centres by providing the teachers an online tool that will facilitate the updating of their knowledge of innovative materials and to familiarize the students with research methodologies and analysis of the capacity of use of these materials and the possibility of use in the development of new products;
  • to provide the knowledge and tools to generate technological surveillance systems in VET centres, which will allow to acquire up-to-date information about new materials, applied in the in the wood and furniture sector, as well for products, derived from wood, as well for other materials, which can give an innovative character to the finished products;
  • to create an online tool, that will facilitate the updating of both teachers and students and their knowledge on these new materials;
  • to work with methodologies for research and analysis on the capacity of using these materials, which are normally not available or performed within the VET centres;
  • to generate a mentality of innovation with the VET students and teachers, by elaborating products with innovative materials;
  • to facilitate the transition for the European youngsters from school to work in a European context.

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Contact: susanna@wood.be